5M Police & Player Interaction

DescriptionKeyboard BindChat Command 
Cuff Nearest PlayerX
Cuff Self/hc
Put Hands Up/hu
Drag Player/drag
Police Scene MenuF5
Jail Yourself/jailme
Jail A Player/jail
Unjail A Player/unjail

5M Vehicle Interactions

DescriptionKeyboard BindChat Command 
Vehicle Engine On/OffC/engine
Vehicle Cruise ControlF7
Fuel At Pump (Engine Off)Space
Police Car RadarCtrl+MOnly with police vehicles.
Toggle Trunk/trunk
Toggle Hood/hood
Toggle Rear Doors/rdoors
Lock/Unlock Vehicle Doors/lock
Select Active Vehicle/save
Toggle Control Selected Vehicle Only/sveh

5M ELS Controls (ELS+)

DescriptionKeyboard BindController BindNotes
Toggle PanelLCTRL + P
Light Stage Up 1QDPAD Left
Toggle Main Siren (Tone 1)Left AltDPAD Down
Siren Tone 1 (After Main Siren Toggle)1Pressing Siren Manual (B) returns to Tone 1
Siren Tone 2 (After Main Siren Toggle)2DPAD Up
Siren Tone 3 (After Main Siren Toggle)3B+DPAD Up
Siren Tone 4 (After Main Siren Toggle)4
Toggle Secondary Siren (Tone 2)5
Siren ManualRB
Takedown Lights.DPAD Right
Head LightsHDPAD Right
Pattern Primary ToggleNot Bound
Pattern Secondary ToggleK
Pattern Warning ToggleNot Bound
Pattern Primary Up 17
Pattern Secondary Up 18
Pattern Warning Up 19

5M RP Chat & Emote Commands

DescriptionChat Command 
Out Of Character/ooc
911 Call/911
News Report/news
List Emotes/emotes
Use Emote/emote

5M Police Heli Cam

DescriptionKeyboard Bind 
Toggle Heli CamE
Heli Cam ControlMouse Control and Scroll Zoom
Lock On To VehicleSPACE (When hovering over a vehicle, close enought to it)
Toggle SpotlightG
Rappel From HeliX

5M Police & NPC Interaction (Experimental)

DescriptionKeyboard BindChat Command 
Interaction MenuCTRL + U
Traffic Stop Menu (Mimic/Follow)CTRL + Y
Traffic Stop Menu (Interactions)CTRL + E
Callouts Interaction MenuCTRL + Y
Callout Initiation/callout
Make Suspect ComplyE (While Aiming
Run ID Of Suspect/runid
Run Suspect Plate/runplate

5M Trainer Menus & Utilities

DescriptionKeyboard BindChat Command 
Server side trainerMUse arrow keys, enter, and backspace to navigate
Simple trainer (If Installed Locally)F4Use numpad arrows, num5, and num0 to navigate.
Lambda trainer (If Installed Locally)F1Use numpad arrows, num5, and num0 to navigate.
Lambda trainer no-clip (If Installed Locally)F2Use W, A, S, D, Q, Z, and LShift to move player.

5M Admin Tools

DescriptionKeyboard BindChat Command 
Weather Sync/weather
Dynamic Weather Enable/Disable/freezeweather
Time Sync/time
Time Sync To Morning/morning
Time Sync To Noon/noon
Time Sync To Evening/evening
Time Sync To Night/night
Blackout Mode Enable/Disable/blackout